CEN8Teens 2017 Round-Up!

Our new CEN8Teens programme, set up in February this year, has been hugely successful with 30 youngsters attending our music, dance and radio sessions here at Goldsmiths.

The CEN8Teens Music group, who met each Saturday, were keen songwriters and put together some inspiring musical pieces.


Auditions were held by the musician Marcella Puppini from The Puppini Sisters and we are delighted that some of the singers and one of our musicians were offered the chance to sign up to a music production company!

During the summer the CEN8Teens were lucky enough to take part in a radio project run by CEN8Gold volunteers Nora Hoel and Kenya Scarlet where they were taught how to make podcasts. Here’s Jermaine’s and Vincent’s podcast for CEN8Radio


Whilst the amazing Angel made this podcast on Cultural Appropriation:



Our CEN8Teens dance troupe, taught by CEN8Gold’s fabulous Paulyne Chege, also had a fantastic year – check out their Halloween video here.



2017 has been a brilliant first year for CEN8Teens and we are all looking forward to an even greater 2018.

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