Jermaine & Vincent’s GI J’s Podcast for CEN8Radio


This is the second podcast to be broadcast as part of our CEN8Teens radio project this summer.  Here’s what Kenya Scarlett, who worked with Jermaine and Vincent to produce the piece, has to say about it:

Working with Jermaine and Vincent was a dream! The boys are so smart and got really stuck in from the get go it was such a pleasure to work with them. For this project they decided to do a podcast with a mixture of news, sport, music and then practise their interview skills on me… being interviewed was great fun!

Jermaine Vincent with KenyaHere we all are recording my interview

They decided to make up characters for their podcast and this will be why you hear them playing two different characters throughout the piece.

They smashed it, really proud of them. Natural radio presenters!



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  1. Imose Itua says:

    Great work boys. You have raw talent

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