Daranee Dispatches: June 2017!

With the weather heating up, CEN8Teens Music are warming up their vocals and recording music. One lovely Saturday early this month, we got to take a peak into the Teens practice session. The session began with harmonizing and setting up their microphones, which they use to practise their performance. Later on that morning I got to sit down with Ken and pick his brain on plans for the CEN8Teens Music. He said that this summer he would like to teach the older Teens about the legalities and business side of music as well as the importance of performing live in front of an audience. “They should be aware of what they are doing (with their music) and this summer it’s important they are provided with opportunities to play live,” he says.

The music sessions will continue to encourage the Teens talents and expose them to different kinds of music.

The CEN8Teens Dance is growing in numbers and is now a family of fifteen as it welcomed four new members, Marilyn, Kinga, Odufa and Phoebe to the CEN8Teen dance troupe. Dance troupe leader and CEN8Gold volunteer Paulyne tells us:

CEN8’s directors and my collaborative vision for the teens dance troupe is to bring out a way of communication and resolve using dance as a medium. Although in its infancy, the project has been well attended by youngsters 13 to 17 years old who have a passion for exploring different genres of music and dance. As CEN8Teen dancer Marie expressed “Music makes me feel happy” .

The Teens learn to “love their sweat” but, most importantly, CEN8Teens dance provides a safe space to express themselves and be confident as they go through their teenage years. “I love music and dancing, it helps me de-stress especially as I’m getting ready for exams” Angel.


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