Daranee Dispatches: May!

This month was an exciting month for the CEN8Teens, especially for the music group. On 13th May, we had a very special visit from Marcella Puppini. Ms. Puppini was here in Goldsmiths to have a session with the youngsters from the music club.

The band, RLE which consists of Rashad and Lauren were the first to showcase their talent with their song ‘Overdrive’. The talented girls group consisting of Issatta, Elisha, Psalms and Maya performed their original song ‘Boys’ too. Rashad joined the girls for ‘Set Me Free’, a wonderful ballad that gives homage to their parents and ended with his soulful song, ‘Things Don’t Ever Stay The Same’.

Erdem, the group’s resident sound producer and volunteer Narin were on hand to lend their expertise and support as always. Marcella praised our youngsters for their performance and preparedness. When asked how they felt about the process of preparing for a successful artist, Issatta and Maya said that they made sure to practise as much as possible. They also credited having Erdem, Narin, Sharon and Ken around to advise them on how they sound.

Just the week before, the group made a trip to a recording studio in Bromley to record a few original songs which included ‘Boys’, ‘Set Me Free’ and ‘Day Dreamer’. According to Maya, the experience was “exciting but different because this was the first time we did it together.”

Over at CEN8Teens Dance, the troupe is working on a new dance project under the guidance of our lovely CEN8Gold volunteer, Paulyne. The track they are dancing to is a mix of different styles of music such as reggae, EDM, Hip Hop and Afrobeats. “This new routine is teaching us to showcase different dance styles. It’s a fusion of bettering our individuality in dancing in a group and also our dance styles,” explains CEN8Teen Angel.

With summer round the corner, it looks like the wonderful weather will bring along a bright future for these hardworking and talented teens. It is going to be a fun few months watching what else they get up to.


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