Daranee Dispatches: May!

This month was an exciting month for the CEN8Teens, especially for the music group. On 13th May, we had a very special visit from Marcella Puppini. Ms. Puppini was here in Goldsmiths to have a session with the youngsters from the music club. The band, RLE which consists of Rashad and Lauren were the first…

Daranee Dispatches: April!

The CEN8Teens program continues to grow, and now has 16 members! This month I would like to introduce you to the newly formed CEN8Teens Dance group. The group is taught by Paulyne and meets up every Saturday morning to practise new dance choreography. They are currently working on pieces to go with the CEN8Teens Music…

Meet CEN8Teens’ New Band

CEN8Teens new band busy creating original songs – a great big welcome to: Elisha Erdem Issatta Maya Rashad Click through the slideshow to see them all!

Band Rehearsal 17 September

Julian Sandi with Alex Blair on piano, Geoffrey Yeboah on bass, Joe Rowe on drums and Emmanuel on percussion.