CEN8Lookbacks: Artmongers 2012

Our  Studio28zero club performed at Artmongers back in 2012, and they were incredible! Check out the video below: Studio28zero at Artmongers 2012 from CEN8 on Vimeo.  

CEN8 Lookbacks: Band Rehearsals

Check out an exclusive look at our Studio28Zero band in rehearsals for their gig at Goldsmiths back in 2013! Studio28zero sessions May’13 from CEN8 on Vimeo.

CEN8 LookBacks: A Night at Natura Cafe

In Part 3 of our CEN8 LookBacks series, we relive our incredible night at Cafe Natura, where our talented Teens stole the show! CEN8 Band at the Natura Cafe Dec 2011 from CEN8 on Vimeo.  

Our First Teens CEN8 LookBacks

We’ve had many great moments with our CEN8Teens, so in our new series CEN8 LookBacks we’re charting some of those favourite memories! We’re starting off with a bang with our brilliant first showreel:   Studio28zero Showreel from CEN8 on Vimeo.  

CEN8Teens 2017 Round-Up!

Our new CEN8Teens programme, set up in February this year, has been hugely successful with 30 youngsters attending our music, dance and radio sessions here at Goldsmiths. The CEN8Teens Music group, who met each Saturday, were keen songwriters and put together some inspiring musical pieces. Auditions were held by the musician Marcella Puppini from The…

Teen Highlight: Kacey

This month we would like to highlight Kacey, one of our teens, who says, “Being part of the CEN8Teens Dance troupe enables me to find myself and lose myself at the same time.” As a quiet person, Kacey feels like she gains confidence when she is at the programme but also tends to lose herself…